Carole Ehrler: Goodbye to So. Cal and the Golden Dragon

I was leaving California and there was one place I had to go before I left, the Golden Dragon in Costa Mesa! As a restaurant writer, I have dined at many restaurants and enjoyed exceptional meals. However, nothing compares to Chi and John Wang’s warm hospitality and experiencing their truly incredible and outstanding Chinese fare!!

The Golden Dragon opened its doors over thirty years ago, and Chi continues to genuinely and warmly greet every diner as if they were an invited guest to her home.

Not so long ago we gathered the family together for lunch at the Golden Dragon. We were served and enjoyed a true feast fit for an empress, and because we will not be seeing each other for awhile, we decided to eat Family Style.

We began with the House Special Egg Rolls which were followed by Egg Flower Soup that included eggs, chestnuts, peas and mushrooms plus Sesame Shrimp that was fried with garlic sweet pungent sauce. Broccoli with sauteed beef and fresh broccoli in a garlic brown sauce was also served along with Orange Peel Chicken and in a garlic sweet orange sauce. Also delivered Family Style were Cashew Chicken with sauteed meat, green pepper and celery, bamboo and cashews in a brown garlic sauce. Sweet and Sour Pork arrived with fried pork, green pepper, pineapple, tomato,onion and sweet and sour sauce. Snow Peas with black mushrooms and onion in a garlic white sauce were part of the fun along with Beef Foo Yung with beef, eggs, bean sprouts, onion and carrot with brown gravy. A mound of rice finished things off nicely.

John graciously and expertly explained every dish to us as they were served.

Way too full for Golden Dragon desserts, we slid our chairs back and continued to sip our tea and enjoy our fortune cookies, which, of course, we read aloud. As we departed, Chi gave her same wonderfully warm “Good Bye” as she has for 30+ plus years, “See you tomorrow!’

If only we could.

Golden Dragon, 2023 Harbor Blvd., #A, Costa Mesa (949) 642-7162,

Carole Ehrler


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